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welcome to ib-tech resources

I.B-Tech Resources was incorporated in Nigeria in 2008 as Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Security, Safety, and Telecommunications Network Solutions Provider. We provide Training, Products and Services to the Public and Private Sectors, Construction, Government, and Production including the Oil & Gas Companies and Petrochemicals. Our Business Plan is customized to suite our targets hence it reads: "P.P.S. - People-Products-Services".

CCTV Tips You Need To Know

Q1. What factors should be considered when choosing a CCTV for my home?

You'll consider the desired purpose for installing the CCTV, the location, or areas to be covered, the recording & storage duration, product quality & recording quality, monitoring method, security of the CCTV system, budget, etc.

Q2 What are the benefits of installing CCTV systems in Nigeria?

It digitises, simplifies, and improves security, protection of lives and property, deterring of crime, provision of video evidence for criminal prosecution.

Q3. What are the components of a fire alarm system?

Fire alarm system components includes Sensor devices, Control devices, Monitoring devices, Power devices, and Connectivity.

Q4 What are some best practices for maintaining CCTV and fire alarm systems in Nigeria?

Regular checkups and routine maintenance activities.

what we do

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    Software Development

    We design and development custom softwares to suit your desired solution.

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    Fire Alarm Systems

    We design and install conventional & addressable fire alarm systems

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    Online & Cloud Technology

    Web Design, Domains, Cloud Storage, Online Pay Solutions ...Read More

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    CCTV & IP Address Security Cameras

    Monitor your home & office with your mobile phone. ...Read More

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    Intercomm & IP-PBX Systems

    Design and Installation of Intercomm Systems & IP-PBX. ...Read More

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    Access Control

    Hotel Door Locks, Biometrix & Proximity Card Solutions, Electric Fence, Passive Infra Red -PIR, Automatic Doors, ...Read More

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    Cable & IP-TV Solutions

    Internet Protocol Television, DSTV, Metro Digital TV, ...Read More

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    Cabling Solutions & Electrical Systems

    ...Read More

Who we are



Our mission is building a global brand of business solutions.



Our vision is to become a world leading Value Added Developer of technology for people, products and services.



Our expertise has allowed us to become a dominant force in numerous industries in the private and public sector. With our team of personnel and partners comprising of expert skilled professionals with national and international network, we have direct access to required specialty, capacity and capability to ensuring success in service delivery.


With our growing interests in different technology solutions, we rely on research and development to unveil new innovations for faster, easier, cheaper, reliable and more profitable service delivery.


We enjoy well referenced reputation for successful completion of major and minor projects which have consistently outperformed customer expectations.